Welcome to Hand2Hand

A ‘Hand’ can do miracles, can make a difference and help bring about change. Hand2Hand is about giving a ‘Hand’ or asking for a ‘Hand’. Hand2Hand has no boundaries and consists of people from all around the world, from different backgrounds, cultures and religion. Hand2Hand stimulates hidden talents and puts them to good use. Trying to find that perfect recipe, needing help building a new website, looking for someone to discuss a new idea with or maybe you’re just looking for some good advice about that perfect holiday destination. Whatever the reason, Hand2Hand is here to help. Starting a new business? Use Hand2Hand to promote your business.

What’s in it for me?

Helping others is good for your health. It is healthy to forget yourself on a regular basis and concentrate on helping others, but limit it to the extent that you can handle. True well-being is achieved when we act on an honestly felt compassion for others; helping may be as important to our health as regular exercise and proper nutrition.

“Helper’s high” is often followed by feelings of increased self worth, calm, and relaxation. Many say that the good feelings would return, though in diminished intensity, when the helping act was remembered. Helping provides a healthy distraction. Focusing on others takes away, at least temporarily, from the hassles of work, finances, or family troubles. Let’s not ignore the fact that we get special kind of attention from those we help. It makes us feel that we matter to someone. Helping others doesn’t just feel good, and it doesn’t just give life greater meaning.

Join Hand2Hand and experience how giving a Hand or asking for a Hand is simplified.